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An important part of PSSDs Trail System, Magnetawan Ridge Runners Trail System serves to connect trails in the north and south (Sundridge to Sprucedale) and in the east to west (Burks Falls and Ahmic Harbour).

In February 1992 in the Village of Magnetawan concerned residents of the area met and decided to re-establish a snowmobile club for the Village of Magnetawan and surrounding areas with the intent of linking trails with all surrounding OFSC Clubs to the North, South, East and West.

This club formed to strengthen the OFSC Trail Network in the area while at the same time boosting the recessed economy.

The Magnetawan Ridge Runners was first established in approximately the year of 1968 and in the reorganization of the club in February 1992 it was their intent to reopen part of the original historic trail which was first established by the Magnetawan Lions Club and was possibly one of the earliest trails in the area. Unfortunately this was not possible due to restrictions along the trail. (This entailed approx. 55 km of trail.)

The objective was to get a trail from Magnetawan to Sundridge, Magnetawan to Burks Falls and Magnetawan to Sprucedale - connecting all three. Through the dedicated efforts of Jim Melick, Gerald Coombs, and Dennis Roundtree to name a few along with the many men and women who volunteered their time, effort and financial support, the Magnetawan Ridge Runners have built, maintained and groomed and continue to build and improve 153 km of trails, including TOP Trail C104D.

The Ridge Runners achieved what the set out to do and connected North, South, East and West. Their trail system has become a very important part of the snowmobiling trail system and snowmobilers. They have connected areas which might otherwise be unattainable by snowmobilers and have brought people and businesses together.

It has been a long hard process and continues to grow. With membership growing from 282 in the 98-99 season to 365 in the 99/00 season, the growing demand on Magnetawan trails requires more money and volunteer work for trail improvements and grooming etc

Club Members

Vice President - Jim Patterson

Secretary - Kathy Baker

Volunteer Coordinator - Jamie Bingham

Working Supervisor - Jamie Bingham

Magnetawan Ridge Runners
RR1, 39 Sandwood Drive
Burks Falls
P0A 1P0

(705) 387-3750
(705) 387-1499