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Responsible snowmobiling means Conserving Ontario's Last Frontier for the next person to enjoy as you did. So be trail wise and travel light. The only thing you should take is your memories.

DidYou Know...
According to the U.S. environment Protection Agency, snowmobile emissions can hardly be considered additive to overall air pollutant episodes?

West Parry Sound Snowsport Association was incorporated in August of 1988, and from the beginning has experienced a myriad of responsibilities and functions not to mention a host of executives, staff personnel and volunteers. The combined efforts of the aforementioned have all helped to spark the flame of what is now known as Parry Sound Snowmobile District (PSSD).

In this district the clubs initially operated completely alone, competing with each other for permits, spending money on trails that did not connect with neighboring clubs, or trails that did not make sense in overall planning. There was no real accountability and some clubs had plenty of money, while others could barely survive. This resulted in terrible inconsistencies in trail conditions and width of trails. Some were single trail, groomed with pipe drags behind snowmobiles while others were as we have grown to expect, wide, smooth trails groomed by industrial tractors at least 8ft wide.

Joining together as an association, we took the view that all trails in the district needed to be of consistent quality in planning, signing and grooming. Rather than each club printing a one page plan of their own trails, staff marketed a district map to help raise money and provide an accurate guide to traveling snowmobilers.

It was then discovered that buying permits from OFSC in one block for all the clubs in District 10 we could save money, which would then be spent on the trails. This led to 8 of our 9 clubs taking a courageous step and combining permit purchases as well as all financial matters and operations. As a group, the clubs determine the needs of PSSD and establish how we spend. Staff is then able to do tasks for all clubs saving both time and money.

We no longer compete for permits with each other, and you can buy a district permit almost anywhere in the district while still supporting your club. We have true accountability of every permit dollar, at the same time we have been able to reduce the amount of paperwork that clubs are responsible for.

The next step is to implement a district grooming plan / breaking down club boundaries, with a goal of trail grooming consistency, maximum use of our groomers and perhaps even greater savings!

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Hydro One bridge re-decking in Carling completed.  Trails are now open.

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