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Responsible snowmobiling means Conserving Ontario's Last Frontier for the next person to enjoy as you did. So be trail wise and travel light. The only thing you should take is your memories.

DidYou Know...
According to the U.S. environment Protection Agency, snowmobile emissions can hardly be considered additive to overall air pollutant episodes?

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Maintaining over 125 kms of trails, South Seguin Snowmobile Club (SSSC) is one of the largest club trail systems in the PSSD network. The club manages the Seguin trail out to Sprucedale, as well as the TOP C Trail from the Airport North to Hwy 124. Other club trails include those going into the Town of Parry Sound from the south end, local business trails and other scenic trails through this picturesque lake-dotted region.

In 1975, South Seguin Snowmobile Club was formed under the leadership of Frank Robinson, who was the clubs first president. Trails were groomed by club members with their own snowmobiles and the first club trail went from the Parry Sound Airport to the Information Center. In 1986, the club purchased its first major grooming machine and began grooming the Seguin Trail which today has turned into one of the busiest trails in Ontario!

Expanding their trails in 1992, the club built what is known as the Bypass Trail which has some of the most majestic scenery in the Parry Sound Area. Originally called "The Extreme Trail" by its riders, this trail offers a challenge for riders of all skill levels. With several breathtaking climbs, descents, and switch-backs it is sure to get your blood pumping..

The South Seguin Snowmobile Club is a proud member of the Parry Sound District of Snowmobile Clubs and participates in all District events including the annual Poker Tour, held in February each year.

A club season kick-off social is held each year in November or December where club members, volunteers and land owners get together for an evening of camaraderie, good food and good times.

SSSC is operated by a talented group of progressively minded snowmobilers who want to make every ride on our trails a positive and memorable experience. Our trail network is blessed with all desirable amenities including food, fuel, accommodations and entertainment as well as snowmobile sales, parts, accessories and repairs.

As a group completely dependant upon our volunteers, we are always eager to welcome new people into our ranks to help in areas such as club management, trail maintenance and special events organizing. 

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‎600 Liquid class Sponsored by Terrawoods

1st Place Earl Olson
2nd Place Riley Pletzer
3rd Place Paul Bailey
700 Class Sponsored by Weeks Construction

1st Place Holly Pletzer
2nd Howie Fisher
3rd Place Angelo Rukeval

800 class Sponsored by McNabb Home Building

1st place Holly Pletzer
2nd place Howie Fisher
3rd place Darren Lupton

4 stroke up to 1049 cc

1st place Ernie Pivotti
2nd Place Mark Pivotti
3rd place Mike Muschamp
Under 500 Liquid cooled Sponsored by Al Boucher Real Estate

Winner Chris Meighton
Over 440 fan cooled Sponsored by The Cove

1st Place John Park
2nd Place Mitchell Nicholson

... Under 440 Fan Prsented by Near North Recreation


James Ferguson

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Bill Park

Vice President
Don Litcowitch

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